Smart Choice Fiber Tools was established  to solve the problems that many weavers have.  Our products are designed by weavers to be budget friendly and highly functional.  Our tools are ready for you to apply your favorite finish. 

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Currently our products are for local pickup only.  If you need shipping, please give us a call at 803-403-3049.

Weaver’s Organizer


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You no longer need different holders and stands for your various weaving tools -- the Weaver's Organizer holds it all! One side has dowels for holding reeds and other items. The other side holds warping sticks, raddles, lease sticks, and more. There are slots inside the organizer that hold shuttles, temples, and other smaller items. We have lined the bottom trays with felt, which cushions and protects your tools. Never again will you be searching for what you need! This Organizer measures approximately 24" wide and 18" deep.  

Cone Stand


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Our cone stand holds up to 8 cones. The top has 1/2" smooth metal holes so your yarn does not snag like it can on cone stands with metal eyelets. 

Warping Board


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Finally there’s a warping board that you can clamp to the front of your loom!  With this board, you can wind warps up to 10 yards while sitting at the loom. The heavy duty 9” dowels will not bend like the dowels on some warping boards.  Clamps not included. 

Shaft Riser


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Place this shaft riser under your harnesses in order to stair step your shafts for easier threading. This riser works for up to 8 shaft looms. 

Heddle Jig


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Move the pegs around to use this handy device as a heddle jig that can make string heddles up to 15”.  This item is also perfect for holding small spools.

26” Raddle


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Raddle  has  1” sections and includes a lid that fits on top. You can  easily  clamp this raddle to the front or back beam.  The center peg  is stained.  This item is made when ordered.