Tess offers expert weaving instruction which includes many useful tips, tricks and coaching. Her style includes providing background knowledge and theory, helpful for new weavers like me who need to understand the whys, but involves more hands-on instruction and practice than book learning. I love that she provides a few options for doing things so we may each find what works best for us. I’ve truly learned way more than I thought I could in a relatively short time. Definitely would recommend learning with Tess if you get the chance! 

Sue Landry

I was so happy to find a hand-weaving instructor in Columbia, South Carolina. Fiber arts have been missing in our city for too long.  Cheers for the Fiber Arts group for bringing them back, and for Tess for enabling aspiring weavers to revive this craft. Tess is a highly accomplished craftsperson and an excellent teacher.  Her small classes are intimate and well-paced for the beginner, and loaded with tips and advice to return to as learners become more skilled.  I really appreciate the welcome and encouragement from Tess and the Fiber Arts group.  Highly recommended.  –Kathy Sheppard


Dear Fiber Arts Friends,

I wanted to take time to personally thank Tess Farley, of Columbia Fiber Arts of South Carolina, for the wonderful Beginners Weaving Class I just completed. Tess is an exceptional teacher! She was well prepared, providing me with a student binder filled with vocabulary definitions, loom design, step by step written directions from design and planning to fringes and fulling. Her project planning sheet and yardage and sett charts are invaluable! Along with her written support she goes over every step of the process explaining, demonstrating and then allowing the student to finish each step for ingrained muscle memory and practice. Her knowledge and experience is vast and the weaving hacks she passed long to fix any and all mistakes will be cherished and well used in the future! Tess Farley is also extremely knowledgeable about the various looms available and their usefulness for the beginner weaver. I had an older Nilus Leclerc Loom from the 70's and she helped me get it ready to use in my own home. Her husband also makes warping boards, spool racks and raddles so if you need additional supplies for your loom you can purchase them directly from Tess and save on shipping.  Tess Farley is an exceptional teacher and I can't thank her enough for providing me with a firm foundation in weaving. I was so happy and excited about my first project I signed up for the overshot class in January.

Lynn Smith
Chapin, South Carolina



 Beginning weavers will learn the parts of the loom, weaving terminology, how to plan a weaving project and calculate warp and weft yardage, how to wind a warp, how to dress a loom, how to read a weaving draft, and how to weave properly. We will discuss choices of yarns suitable for weaving, where to purchase yarn, and how to properly finish handwoven items.

This class runs about 7 weeks and is held every Saturday at 9:00 a.m.  (except the second Saturday) for up to 5 hours.   

Students will use my 4-shaft looms unless they prefer to bring bring their own. All materials are provided. The yarn provided is off-white  unmercerized 5/2 cotton and 5/2 mercerized cotton in one of the colors of your choice from what I have in stock. Cost is $125.00 plus $35.00 materials fee. Call 803-403-3049 to register.  

Next class will be in 2019;  date to be announced. This class is filled on a first come first served basis.


 There will be a crash course  in Beginning Weaving starting Tuesday, November 27, 2018 from 9:00 a.m.  to  2:00 p.m. for those who do not work during the day. We will meet three times a week for 2-1/2 weeks. Cost is $125.00 plus $35.00 materials fee. 


 We will have  a flax spinning class during our September meeting on  Saturday, September 8, 2018 at 10:00. I will show you how to prepare flax for spinning from a distaff and a towel, and will show you how to spin flax.

At our October 13, 2018 meeting, Patti will teach weavers  how to make a drawdown of a weaving draft on graph paper.   

In November, Sonya will show members how to do counted cross-stitch.

December will be lots of fun with our annual Christmas party. We will have door prizes and a Chinese auction, so please bring a gift valued at about $10. Also please bring a snack to share.  For our program, we will make a beautiful Dorset button that will be stunning in whatever way you use it!

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Cat track and snail trail towels

 CLASS IS l be an overshot weaving class starting Saturday, January 5, 2019.  This class is the next step after Beginning Weaving.  The project will be Cat Track and Snail Trail towels. The class will run each Saturday in January and the first Saturday in February to give students plenty of weaving time, if needed.

To participate in this class, you must know how to warp a 4-shaft loom. You will need to wind your warp at home and, if possible, bring a warped loom. If you need to use my loom, you will wind enough warp for not more than two towels. If you bring a warped loom, you can warp as much as you want for as many towels as you want. You will be winding 3.5 yards and threading 432 ends with a 24 sett. If you cannot wind a warp at home, or if you will be using my loom, you need to come to my studio to wind your warp and thread the loom before the date class starts.

The yarn you need to bring is 2 cones of Maurice Brassard 16/2 white cotton, and 1 or 2  colors of 8/2 dyed Maurice Brassard cotton,  both of which are available to order at Yarn Barn of Kansas.

Other supplies to bring are 2 regular boat shuttles with 4  bobbins, scissors, measuring tape, weaving temple, pen or pencil for taking notes.

The cost for this class is $115.00.

If you have questions or would like to register for a class, please call Tess at 803-403-3049.